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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Challenge Results!

The Results are in from the toilet paper roll challenge!

This one is I think a goat head or something?
Yes, it was made by myself late at night just playing with the toilet paper rolls.

This one is a very useful item made by Mr. Wonderful himself! My hubby

I also made this one. It is sitting in a little stand thingy Mr. Wonderful made on the wood lathe. I really want to keep trying to make some sort of bow that you can put on presents. I don't want to buy bows and we always have TP Rolls. Maybe if I painted it or something. I'm not sure what it needs, but it certainly needs improvement!

My Daughter in law, son and grand daughter also made a bird feeder. I hung it outside and failed to get a picture.

My Daughter in law made a picture book using TPR's as the pages. Here is the cover.

Open the book and this is the first page.

Our Family
from top left  clock wise; Daniel, Klayton, Kile, Myself and my husband.

Next Page is our grand daughter and her puppy Kaiden. Our DIL and grand daughter on following page. Please notice the flower on this page is made from a toilet paper roll!

Our oldest son and his BIG BUCK. Our grand daughter and her Daddy on the slide.

And last but never least, The LOVE BUG and Kaiden again! Our DIL took all of these pictures in this photo book. She has a Photography business and is very good at her craft!

Anyway, I hope this inspires you to start collecting toilet Paper rolls and find a use for them! Please post a pic here if you do! We would love to see them!
Gotta Trot, Hugs Christy

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