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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My sewing Craft Room

Welcome to my craft and sewing room! 
I didn't clean it up for you. I like to keep it real. 
You are getting a real peek into my work space! 
This is standing in the door looking in on the east wall. Turn to your right and....

You will see my sewing machine. I use the upper part for storage.
 It is an organized mess. I know where everything is. It works for me. 

Turn all the way around and you will see the north wall. It has my cutting area. A woman gave me a bar for my basement about seven years ago. It came with the house they just purchased and it was big. This is only half of the whole bar. It is an awesome cutting table because the height is just right! I also use this space to scrapbook and make cards using my cricut. 

From this point, turn to your left and you will see.....

More and more storage! This room is very small but it works! It sure beats having to set everything up at the dinning room table and move it before supper! I did that for years! It is so nice to leave my work and come back to it when I have the time. I seriously think I get more done this way. I may only have 20 minutes but I can get a good 20 minutes of pure work and no setting up and tearing down! 
This room use to be our youngest son Klaytons' bedroom when he was young. I think he moved out when he was about 10. He moved into the larger bedroom our oldest son was occupying. Our oldest son Daniel was in high school and wanted to make his bedroom in our bunk house outside of our house. It is a cook portable shed. He truly made it his own! He painted it and put Laminate wood flooring in. He added a rustic wood border all around the bottom. Daniel is married now and has a family of his own. He has done many improvements to thier home! But, that is another post! Actually it could be a whole other blog!  
I am thrilled to have this room to call my own! I call it my office. Two years ago for Christmas I asked for the dark shelves, and the peg boards to put on the wall to organize things. That added a lot to the functionality! I hope this inspires you to find an area of your own and make it yours! 

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