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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Riding

This is my hubby on Doc. Doc is a handsome fellow, who was given to us by some friends who had way too many horses. We are grateful. Doc. is probably the best horse on our place! He is very friendly and loves attention more than any of the other horses! Doc. was five years old when we got him and hadn't been broke. Usually people start training a horse at age two, because the older they are the more difficult it can become. The moment Doc. understood what we wanted from him, it all clicked! My husband had to ride him bareback the first three times because he was really freaked out about the whole saddle thing. We brought a saddled horse into the round pen and my husband rode it while I held Doc. on the outside watching. It was that moment that Doc. knew what we wanted. We have been riding him ever since!! The saddle my hubby is riding in was a gift from his employer when he retired. It included a matching breast strap. He has never been more proud to ride in a saddle! Let me say that my husband is not an easy man to please. He is a very practical no frills person. He cares more about functionality than anything else. So this retirement gift was absolutely awesome that he actually loved it!

The toilet paper Roll challenge is coming. Some of the family got sick and we haven't been able to get together. But Soon peeps Soon!
Gotta Trot
Hugs Christy :)

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