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Monday, November 11, 2013

The forgotten Corsage!

It's Homecoming! An hour before the girlfriend arrives and I suddenly realized that we had forgotten to get a corsage!! OMG how could I? We had done prom before but this was our first Homecoming. Was a corsage appropriate for Homecoming? I'm not sure.....I think so. Mom to the rescue! I go on the porch and pick the only Hot pink flower I have. Its a Martha Washington geranium. I know, I know, geraniums aren't really corsage material, but in my neck of the woods, ANYTHING goes at this point!  I take my pickings straight into the craft room. Thirty minutes later, this is what I come out with:
Not too bad considering it's my first homemade corsage! When I compare this one to the one we paid $30.00 for at Prom, I am not too embarrased! I was highly dissapointed in the one we purchased for prom! I bring my newly made corsage out and show it to our youngest son, and husband. My son replys, "Mom, we are never paying for another corsage, you will be making them all from now on!" So it was a success!
Here are some pictures we took before they went.

Chrystalynn and Klayton

Aren't they so cute?

You got to love them!

They had a great time!
When I picked Klayton up from her house that night around 11p.m.  he gets in my truck and says "OMG I"m starving we have to stop at Taco Bell!"  Hmmmm, just like a man ehh. Always thinking on the next meal!

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