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Monday, May 19, 2014


So today I went outside to do my normal chores, First my brothers dog Rebel who I am baby sitting due to a leg amputation. He was hit by a car. My brother is a truck driver and isn't home every day and his wife is in Oklahoma on an extended stay. They are adopting a little girl and have to be in Oklahoma for a certain amount of days until it is final. The next stop is the bantam chicken pen and to my surprise this is what I saw.......

A CHICK! then two..

Then I realized that I needed to get chicken wire around the bottom of the pen or they would walk right through the chain link!! and Rebel is on the other side, he is huge! Half doberman and half great pyrenees. They would be an appetizer for him and nothing more! Frantically my hubby and I spent the next hour making the pen safe!
These two hens have sat faithfully since the day they decided it was time. I have only had one other chicken successfully hatched at our farm. I took it out of the cats mouth one day and put it back in the pen. We then went to our cabin for the weekend and it was gone without a trace when we came home. I have had my whole herd wiped out in one weekend while we were at our cabin two hours away. So I really didn't think much of them sitting. These chickens were given to me by a friend last fall. I didn't really want them and I sure didn't want to feed them all winter. But I did. I didn't like it but I did it. I hate cold weather. Today made it all worth it! I couldn't tell how many there were because both hens were sharing the work and were well spread out over them. Later in the day, the chickies were all out, all six of them!! They are so adorable! It completely made my day!! Thank You GOD for spring and all the wonderful surprises that come with it!

Hugs, gotta trot, Christy:)

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