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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Khaki Sleeveless dress

Here is a Khaki sleeveless dress that I really like and would wear an awful lot except it doesn't fit me. I have a large bust area and a very wide back for a woman. There are very few dresses that I can pull off of a rack at the store and they will fit me because of this reason. So, this will be my first refashion of the year!

I ripped out the side seams and inserted a piece of stretchy cotton fabric. The scrubs they have now a days inspired this idea for me. They look so comfortable. The above picture shows one side piece already sewn in.
A better look at it.

and here it is going to be re pinned and sewn again. I did it once but it was out of line and didn't line up at one end, so we will be re doing that again.
You get the idea. The red dress that Taylor is wearing under neath is going to be a Valentine's Day out fit. I haven't exactly decided how yet, but you will be the first to know when I decide! I do know that I have really been wanting a red scarf lately to wear on Valentine's Day, so that is a huge possibility.

We are expecting 8-10" of snow within the next 24 hours here in Southern Illinois. So I will have plenty of time to work on some sewing! I am also knitting a scarf for a new friend, and need to finish hand quilting a baby quilt that I have been working on. I do have lots to keep me busy!
The horses are in the barn for the night, I ran to store and got duck, chicken feed and a few groceries earlier, so we should be set for our mini blizzard we are facing.

Stay warm! Gotta Trot, Hugs Christy :)

Here is the finished product!

Yea, after almost a year I finally finished it!
Better late than never!

See you next time! Ya never know what I may have up my sleeve or my dress for that matter! HA

 Gotta Trot! Hugs Christy :)

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