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Friday, September 13, 2013


Its Football Season!
#75-Thats my baby!

This is what happens at my house the night before the game. Shirts get dropped off in dire need of name tags to be sewn on! These Jerseys stink! I mean Stink. I have to spray them with antibacterial spray just to be able to work with them! peeeeeeYoooooouuuuuu

This is what my dinning room table looks like the night before the game. Always the night before!
If I have to sew one more jersey tonight, I'm going to puke orange and black thread all over my sewing machine. Did I mention they have white jerseys also? Yea, that was another night. After their names are sewn on, then I wash them, with special smelly stuff so these boys are smelling great come game night! I get a free round bale of hay for the horses for all this sewing, so it all comes out in the wash!

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